Food & Beverage Vendors


The producers release a limited number of food/beverage (NA) licenses each year for the Wells Street Art Festival. While priority is given to businesses with physical locations, the festival usually includes at least four (4) itinerant vendors.


As a vendor, you'll have the chance to set and sell an appetizing menu to over 50,000 attendees!


Food & Beverage (NA) Booth Space Pricing

Member Food & Bev (NA) 10x20 Space: $1,900 

Itinerant Food & Bev (NA) 10x20 Space: $2,250 

Itinerant Small Food/Bev (NA) 10x20 Space: $1,000 

Additional charges may be applied based on individual vendor needs (counters, electricity, tables, etc.). Additional festival health rules & regulations are available through Chicago's Dept. of Cultural Affairs and Special Events


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The Application Deadline for 2018 Wells Street Art Festival Food & Beverage Vendors is April 19, 2018.