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Merchant & Activation Booth Vendors


Whether selling products, services, or just providing general promotional information about your business, the Wells Street Art Festival is a great way to connect one-on-one with a huge group of potential customers.


Past participating merchants have included clothing shops, spice merchants, dentists, chiropractors, candlemakers, t-shirt designers and more. We offer a limited amount of booth spaces for businesses and non-profits looking to build their client-base. Priority is given to businesses with physical Old Town locations.


For more information on how to participate, please click here to learn more.  

Corporations, chain stores, franchise companies, product brands, field marketing and promotional companies, marketing agencies, public relations firms and all their respective clients including free giveaways and sampling are considered SPONSORS, not vendors/exhibitors, and must contact Norine Smyth at 312-799-0354 or Laura Wilke at 773-584-6669.

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